【Gunma Trip】Gunma is good prefecture to go famous “ONSEN” (hot spring)! 【Things to do】

Hi, everyone. I’m Kei living in Takasaki, Gunma, Japan.

I write this article because there is little information on English about trip in Takasaki. However there are a lot of good place to visit.

I’m writing about hot springs in Gunma on this article.

Speaking of Japan is a hot spring, isn’t  it?Among them, there are many amazing hot springs in Gumma.

When you come to Gumma, you can visit a lot of hot springs so this time I will introduce two hot springs of Gunma that you should to visit!



Kusatsu hot spring which is one of three Japanese fountains.It is a famous hot spring that has been healing many people’s mind and body for a long time.

As you might have seen, The symbol of Kusatsu is “Yubatake” like bellow picture.

Source:  Remoju 「美肌効果抜群!夜のライトアップも楽しめる草津温泉

There is a smell of unique hot springs in the whole city.

And also you can experience YUMOMI. The source of the Kusatsu hot spring is too much hot to get in. However, if cold water will be added to hot spring, the efficacy of the hot spring will be diminished. So People do like bellow video to make hot spring colder.

In Kusatsu town, there are a lot of springs for foot, with free. So if you feel shy being naked in a hot spring, you can enjoy only for foot.

Source:LINE トラベル jp 「湯畑がシンボル!日本三名泉・群馬「草津温泉」は一度は行きたい名湯



Ikaho is popular with tourists by the rich nature and hot springs at the foot of Haruna. The accessibility of just 90 minutes from Takasaki city by bus.

This is the place that I love. 

Ikaho is famous for its spa town of Ishidan. You can feel Japanese traditional atmosphere.



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